• In-Patient

  • What is the mode of admission?

    You are required to contact the admission counter where our executives will give you details about various packages, bed categories and other charges. After finalization of the package and bed category, you will be given an IP (in-patient) number. On completion of all the admission formalities, you will be guided to the respective ward/room.

  • Do we need to pay any advance at the time of admission?

    Yes, patients are required to pay a deposit as per the category of the bed at the time of admission. In case of a surgery or a procedure, the total estimated amount has to be deposited with the hospital before the surgery.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    Patients can make the deposit by cash, debit or credit cards. We do not accept cheques.

  • Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to the ICU?

    Attendants need to vacate the room if the patient is shifted to an ICU.

  • How many attendant passes are issued?

    To minimize crowding and noise in the patient care area, only one attendant pass is issued per patient. The pass has to be surrendered at the admission counter at the time of discharge

  • What is the procedure for discharge?

    Your consultant will make an entry for discharge on your case sheet. After this, the resident doctors prepare the discharge card. Then the file is sent to the IP reception for clearance, after which the final bill is prepared, taking into account all the deposits. When the final bill is ready, payment has to be made at the admission counter. This procedure may take 2-3 hours.

  • What are the rules for transferring patients to a higher category?

    Transfer to a higher category is based on the availability of beds. The rates of the higher category transferred to will be applicable from the date of the transfer. For surgical procedures, investigations and other diagnostics you will be charged as per the higher category rate only, from the date of admission. In the case of packages, for transfer to a higher category the total difference in the package charge has to be paid before the transfer.

  • Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside?

    All medicines and consumables are provided by the hospital pharmacy only.

  • How do I get a discharge summary?

    Your discharge summary will be given to you by the nursing staff at the time of the discharge.

  • What is NICU?

    NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is a unit meant to take good care of newborn infants. At Bethany, we have trained and experienced neonatologist and a trained medical team to take good care of newborns, especially ill or premature newborns.

  • Do you have 24x7 nursing staff available with you?

    We have well trained medical team available 24x7.

  • If I am admitted to the hospital can a relative stay with me in the hospital during the night?

    One Bystander is permitted to stay along with the patient during nights.

  • How can I get various investigations/diagnostics tests done?

    We have an excellent full-fledged laboratory and imaging services available round the clock to carry out various diagnostic tests/investigations. On reaching the hospital, approach the Front Office and provide your ID/prescription. The staff will guide you to the concerned testing facility.

  • What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

    For all tests/investigations, prior payment must be made at the front office cash counter. Once billing is complete the patient needs to go to the concerned testing facility along with the Doctor’s prescription. The concerned staff will then guide you through the process and, if needed, provide an appointment, if the test cannot be done on the same day. After the tests, all reports will be handed over to you.

  • How can I get a medical report?

    If you are an out-patient, then please request your treating doctor to provide you with the required medical report. For all in-patients a discharge summary shall be provided at the time of discharge.

  • Will there be a requirement of providing advance at the time of admission?

    An advance is usually collected at the time of the patient's admission to cover his estimated hospital expenses. The amount depends on the type of treatment/surgery and also the class of Room selected for stay. As part of the process of admission, necessary counselling shall be done where all your doubts shall be settled. Also, the duration and approximate cost of treatment shall be provided.

  • I am visiting a friend, but I do not know which ward he is admitted to. What do I do?

    You can get the details of your patient from the front office or 'Information Counter'. You may also feel free to contact the Security Supervisor who will then guide you